Viral video campaign Face Your Food

Posted by Josette Dunn on 29th October 2010

Do you ever stop to think about where your food comes from? The viral video campaign ‘Face Your Food’ brings together a global online community to fight for a more sustainable food industry.

The production of food has a major impact on our world. Thousands of plant and animal species are under threat due to harmful agricultural practices. Farmers across the globe are suffering because of unfair trade. The viral video campaign ‘Face Your Food’ invites people from across the globe to hold the food industry accountable for the way our food is produced.

Corporate responsibility
The food industry has the power and the responsibility to make sure that the production of the food we enjoy does not harm our planet. Fairfood International, a non-profit lobby organisation, encourages food and beverage companies to live up to their responsibility and make their products more sustainable.

Global online support
Lobbying multinational companies to change their production and trade methods requires tremendous public support. On UN World Food Day Fairfood launched its viral video campaign ‘Face Your Food’ to rally support. This campaign invites people from across the world to film themselves while eating. The video is then automatically slowed down and played backwards. This faces us with the question where our food comes from. By participating in this campaign and showing your support for Fairfood on Facebook, you can join the fight for a sustainable future.

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