Carlton Natural

Posted by Josette Dunn on 1st November 2010

Introducing Carlton Natural – a new addition to the Carlton range of Australian beers.

Carlton Natural hits the flavour and style bulls-eye for 25-30 year old guys looking for easy drinking, crisp dry flavour in beer that is low carb and brewed with natural ingredients.

The finest natural ingredients are brewed longer in Carlton Natural to deliver a superior dry lager made in the classic Carlton style and of course the Carlton name comes with Australia’s proudest brewing history dating back to 1864.

Carlton Natural combines the famous Carlton hop, the Pride of Ringwood, and the subtle blend of Saaz and Hersbrucker hops and the brewing process is extended in order to break down the complex sugars, keeping the carbs down and the clean crisp flavour up.

Carlton Natural is a bright lager low in carbs, with a dry malty palate, herbal hop notes, refreshing bitterness and a clean, crisp finish.

In research, the flavour of the beer hit every sweet spot and the packaging every quality cue. The beer is a natural to do well in bottle shops or behind the bar and a natural progression for “New World Regular” drinkers.

The launch of Carlton Natural will be supported with a multi-million dollar trade and consumer marketing campaign featuring TV and press ads, outdoor billboards and on and off-premise executions, in market over the coming months.