Australian iPhone barcode shopping list app

Posted by Josette Dunn on 5th November 2010

Scan2List has recently announced the launch of their iPhone application into the Australian Market.


Scan2List is a free Australian iPhone App that allows you to quickly and easily create shopping lists simply by scanning the barcodes of items in your pantry or manually adding them to a list. Lists can then be saved for future use and be synchronised with other Scan2List App users in the household.

When at the shops, a list can be organised into aisles that match the layout of the store and items can be checked off as they are added to the trolley.
Some of the benefits of using Scan2List include:

• users always have their shopping list with them and can add needed items as they run out or whenever they spring to mind

• Lists can be synchronised with other Scan2List users in the household so whoever does the shopping is confident that they are purchasing the exact products needed.

• Lists can be arranged into an aisle order that matches your favourite store and saved for recurring use.

The Scan2List Application uses Australian units of measure, Australian Naming, and recognises Australian Barcodes from an ever growing list of items stored on the Scan2List database. It works with multiple stores, and not just for groceries either; think about Christmas shopping lists, weekend DIY lists, holiday checklists and even the wedding gift registry.

Download the app now either by clicking the “download now” button at the top of the website ( via the iTunes app store.