Brits burn £30 millions on Christmas baking disasters

Posted by Josette Dunn on 22nd November 2010

New research by Sainsbury’s released today, in the approach to Stir up Sunday, reveals that Christmas baking disasters are costing the nation £30 million a year. 1 in 4 of us will attempt to make a Christmas cake this year, with 2.9 million Brits making a cake so bad it will be destined for the bin – wasting on average £10 per attempt!Baking at home has never been more popular, with 20% of Brits admitting to baking more in 2010 than in 2009. But while we may enjoy baking, our attempts at Christmas fare are proving a flop in the kitchen. More than half of us, 54%, throw away cakes that have gone wrong, although a frugal 40% of us disguise the mistake and serve anyway, disappointed that the cake hadn’t come out right but not willing to start again.

In 2009, deflated by our attempts at Christmas baking, Brits rushed to buy ready made Christmas cakes and Christmas puddings the day after Stir up Sunday, as Sainsbury’s sales jumped by 63% and 71% respectively.

Pre-empting Christmas baking waste, to save customers’ valuable cash at this time of year and to restore confidence in Christmas baking, Sainsbury’s will set up the UK’s first dedicated helpline for victims of Christmas cake baking disasters on Stir up Sunday – 21st November. Traditionally a day used to make Christmas cakes and puddings, Sainsbury’s is encouraging people across the UK to get baking safe in the knowledge that their efforts won’t result in wasted ingredients as an expert team is on hand to offer advice and tips to avoid mistakes and give advice on how to rescue seemingly lost causes.

A select committee of baking experts will be available on 020 7695 6191/2 or at from 11am – 4pm on the 21st November to respond to festive baking dilemmas.