Cooroy bottled water increases production

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 7th December 2010

Queensland bottled water business Cooroy Mountain Spring Water is continuing to expand its water plant in Cooroy, on the Sunshine Coast, following the recent installation of a new water line, expected to more than double its production capacity.

Cooroy Mountain Spring Water Managing Director Greg Dinsey said the $2 million production line will help the company continue its rapid expansion and growth.

“The production line will allow the business to produce larger quantities of Cooroy Mountain Spring Water more efficiently,” he said. “Instead of bottling approximately 220 bottles per minute, we will have the capacity to bottle more than 500 per minute,” he said.

“The significant increase in production quantity will allow us to expand the Cooroy Mountain Spring Water brand in 2011 helping us to remain competitive in the Australian marketplace, while also continuing to meet our requirements as a contract packaging service provider.”

Dinsey also said the new line also furthers Cooroy Mountain Spring Water’s commitment to recycling and ensuring production processes are environmentally sustainable by saving on processed water use by 90 per cent.

The line features a state-of-the-art shrink wrap and tray shrinking capability, using recyclable plastic, to allow the company to package products more efficiently and cost effectively without compromising the quality.

“Ideally the shrink wrap capability will help us penetrate the grocery channel as it will give us the capacity to package spring water in packs of 6, 8, 12 and 24 – something we couldn’t do before,” he said.

Dinsey said Cooroy Mountain Spring Water has maintained strong sales results and continued growth throughout 2010 despite the economic downturn, allowing the company to push forward with its expansion.

“The Global Financial Crisis provided us with the perfect opportunity to remain proactive and focus on business growth which has seen the expansion of our product range, distribution points and now our bottling capacity,” he said.

Cooroy Mountain Spring Water currently services distributors throughout Queensland as well as New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania and has plans to expand into South Australia and Darwin in the near future.

Dinsey says the mountain itself is the best selling point for the product..

“Our natural spring water is sourced from the base of the Cooroy Mountain, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, filtered naturally by the mountain rock and bottled on site with absolutely nothing added to it – that is our point of difference,” he said.

In 2010 Cooroy Mountain Spring Water launched a new range of sparkling spring water, along with a relaunch of its still spring water brand.