Nestlé world brands get seasonal

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 23rd December 2010

Nestlé today unveiled a range of international seasonal twists on its products around the world, with Christmas products launching in the UK, Czech Republic, Canada, Brazil, China, Mexico, France, Belgium, Italy and the Phillipines.

As well as gift boxes and holiday wrappings, this year’s Christmas offerings include an ice-your-own chocolate pig, festively-printed Smarties, a vanilla and walnut Nescafe Winter Blend, ice cream logs and a special edition Bvlgari bottle of San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water.

Nestle chocolate pigNew for consumers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic is Orion confectionery’s milk chocolate pig, which links the Czech tradition of fasting before Christmas so as to be rewarded on the day with a plenitude-bringing golden pig, with the Slovakian idea that a golden pig guarantees good luck for New Year. Complete with an icing kit, the figurine includes a blank chocolate plaque on which to write a message to someone special.

In Canada, chocolate line Smarties’ Christmas offerings feature a Giant Box of sugar-coated chocolate treats in red and green, printed with winter images. The Smarties Juniors Giant Tube has a coin slot for children to use it as a piggy bank when empty.

For a limited period in the UK and Ireland, a Kit Kat stamped with a picture of Santa Claus is encouraging consumers to ‘Enjoy their Christmas break’.

In Brazil, Nestlé has launched its first multi-category Christmas boxes. These combine foods traditionally associated with the festive season, such as panettone and condensed milk, along with a selection of new products, and some of the Company’s most recognised brands.

Nestle Brazil Christmas gift boxMarcelo Oliveira, Nestlé Brazil’s Panettone Marketing Manager said: “We saw this as an important chance to show consumers the wide selection of items that only Nestlé can offer in one product. People can enjoy their favourites, including Nescau chocolate powder and Nescafé soluble coffee, while also sampling new items such as Nestlé Classic Wafer Biscuits.”

In mainland China, the Nescafé Yunnan Coffee set represents Nestlé’s offering in a growing trend for premium gift boxes, which are offered to friends, family and acquaintances as a gesture of respect. Containing two tins of Arabica instant coffee – sourced from China’s Yunnan Province and processed in Nestlé’s Dong Guan factory – the sets combine a particularly local flavour with what is seen as a Western trend for coffee drinking.

In Mexico, Nescafe’s newly-launched vanilla and walnut Winter Blend was conceived by Nestlé to meet consumers’ preference for the season. Mixing Robusta and Arabica beans with caramelised sugar and vanilla-nut, the limited-edition jar is wrapped in a distinctive snow white label.

Nestle Nescafe Winter BlendA Christmas tree-shaped window reveals the coffee inside, while aromatic technology releases the delicate scents and flavours upon opening.

In the Philippines, emerging consumers have the opportunity to purchase Ube Keso Leche Flan, a new addition to the Nestlé Sorbetes 3in1 range.  This combination is based on the traditional Filipino delicacies Puto Bumbong and Leche Flan – desserts usually served during the holidays.

Nestlé Sorbetes is inspired by the Filipino ice cream sold in the streets via festively decorated street carts. It is part of Nestlé’s PPP or Popularly Positioned Products range, developed for lower-income shoppers.

In France, where it is traditional to serve ice cream logs at Christmas, Nestlé Ice Cream has capitalised on its market leadership, with the launch of a new premium range under the confectionery brand Lanvin.

Nestle Lanvin ice cream logAvailable in three varieties – Chocolat-Praliné, Trois Chocolats and Nougat-Praliné – the Lanvin ice-cream log offers premium quality at a price designed to be favourably comparable to those found in French patisseries.

Alexandre Krouglikoff, Ice Cream Log Product Manager, explained Lanvin’s special connection to French culture: “The association with artistry and luxury began 75 years ago with the creation of our indulgent Christmas chocolate line L’ Escargot Lanvin and was emphasised by famous advertising campaigns with Salvador Dali in the 1960s. We wish to continue this legacy today with the new premium Lanvin ice cream log range.”

Comilfo chocolate diaryIn Russia, premium confectionery line Comilfo has created a special 2011 chocolate gift box for female consumers. Resembling a diary to symbolise aspiration for the New Year, the box’s design emphasises Comilfo’s association with independence, femininity and freedom. The box will be available until January and again on International Women’s Day in March, this time with a Spring theme.

Also debuting this season is still mineral water Vittel’s limited edition premium glass bottle, which can be found in selected restaurants in France and Belgium until the end of December.

Inspired by the Art Nouveau movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Art de la Table reflects the brand’s historical connection with the great French brasseries of the era.

Confirming Vittel’s creativity as leader in the café, hotel and restaurant sector, the label’s light aluminium design is a contemporary take on the period vogue for mosaic murals, plate glass windows, and curved architectural lines.

San Pellegrino Bvlgari special editionItalian sparkling mineral water San Pellegrino has also undergone a temporary transformation, after accepting Bvlgari’s invitation to mark the luxury jeweller’s 125 -year anniversary.

The result is an exclusive gemstone label which will appear on all S.Pellegrino bottles served and sold at Bvlgari’s international touring exhibition, currently showing in Paris until the middle of January. Until that date this bottle will be served in the city’s top restaurants and hotels, and is also available to buy in selected Parisian boutiques, including Collette.

Valeria Norreri, International Marketing Manager for S.Pellegrino, explained why the brand was approached. She said: “Bvlgari wanted every detail to be perfect. They felt that S. Pellegrino, with its worldwide reputation as the gourmet’s fine-dining water, was the natural choice.”

For table-conscious consumers’ end of year celebrations all over the world, S.Pellegrino has maintained its annual tradition of producing a winter retail special, adorned this year with tiny stars.

Valeria Norreri continued: “Now is the time when people celebrate at home with a number of special things on their table. S.Pellegrino consumers are loyal to our brand and we want to thank them with the very best-dressed bottle.”