Victoria extends NYE liquor license hours

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 30th December 2010

champagne.jpgThe Victorian Director of Liquor Licensing, Mark Brennan, has announced that Victorian liquor license holders will be able to extend their hours for consumption of alcohol on premises this New Year’s Eve.

“The Director of Liquor Licensing, after consultation with Victoria Police, has given an automatic extension of on-premises consumption to all holders of a general licence, full club licence, on-premises licence or BYO permit on 1 January 2011 up to 1.00am,” said Brennan.

“In addition, on-premises licences with restaurant conditions and restaurant and cafe licences are varied to allow the supply of liquor for on-premises consumption up to 3.00am on 1 January 2011.”
The extension will not apply to the sale of alcohol from bottle shops.

“This automatic extension of trading does not apply to the sale of packaged liquor for consumption off the licensed premises, nor to any other type of licence,” said Brennan.

Brennan said that licensees can decide whether they wish to make use of the increased trading hours.

“Licensees should be aware that the extension of trading hours for New Year’s Eve does not override any relevant conditions on planning permits affecting licensed premises. Any queries in relations to planning permits
and their conditions should be directed to your local council,” said Brennan.

Mark Brennan
Director of Liquor Licensing