Woolworths supports Queensland Dairy Farmers

Posted by Josette Dunn on 7th February 2011

Woolworths is extending an extra helping hand to Queensland dairy farmers via a special 5 cent per litre donation on milk. Commencing yesterday, the donation will apply for the next two weeks and is likely to raise at least half a million dollars for struggling dairy farmers.

Friesian-Holstein cow

Woolworths Director of Supermarkets Greg Foran said: “Woolworths has a strong track record in helping the agricultural community deal with the aftermath of devastating events. The floods and cyclones have had a far reaching impact on many industries but dairy farmers have been particularly hard hit in recent weeks and need the support of retailers and consumers to recover.”

Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation President, Brian Tessmann said this announcement from Woolworths was very welcome at a time when dairy farming families and the industry was in desperate need of good news.

“The scale of the destruction is unprecedented and has cost the industry tens of millions of dollars. Hardly a farming family in Queensland was untouched by these disasters, with many cases of severe damage and financial loss.”

“It will take some farmers years to recover and it is a sad reality that some farmers will be assessing how they can get through this crisis.”

“Importantly, this donation from Woolworths will help with the recovery – but just as importantly it will boost farmers’ confidence in the future of the dairy industry.”

“We encourage all Australians to support our dairy farmers in their hour of need by purchasing milk through Woolworths stores. We also encourage consumers to buy branded milk products as the extra few cents per litre for that milk makes a real difference for us on the farm.

“We are also pleased that Woolworths is standing by farmers against cutthroat and unsustainable price discounting in recent weeks. If left unchecked, relentless discounting would have a very negative impact on our farmers and their communities.”

The donation applies to every brand and variety of fresh white milk bought at any Woolworths store nationally. All monies will go to the Queensland Dairy Farmers Relief Fund and all dairy farmers in the State are eligible to apply for grants. The fund is being run by the Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation. For further information go to www.dairypage.com.au