April 12: Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 12th April 2011

Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast are offering free ice cream today, to celebrate Ben & Jerry’s Global Free Cone Day – Tuesday April 12.

The company’s four scoop shops in Australia – located in Manly and Broadway in Sydney, Chadstone in Melbourne and at Movie World on the Gold Coast – are offering up “as many scoops as you can shake a digeridoo at” – one at a time, of course.

Parent company Unilever said that Free Cone Day was a great opportunity to highlight the ice-cream company’s latest Fair Trade certified ingredients.

“Long before there were crazy chunks and swirls, the two cofounders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield challenged the notion that business had to exploit somebody else to make a profit,” said a release from the company.

“In supporting Fair Trade, Ben & Jerry’s appeals to savvy consumers who are very well aware that they support businesses with their purchases. The Fair Trade program works to pay farmers a fair wage, helps support and develop safe working conditions for the farm laborers, works cooperatively to address community needs resulting in schools and health care facilities while it encourages proper environment care and stewardship of the land.  That’s what the program is about in a Fair Trade nutshell.

“Not only is Ben & Jerry’s involving its values via the Fair Trade commitment, but it’s also echoing the company’s philosophy of incorporating fun into everything it does.  This year’s modern spin on Free Cone Day means the company will introduce a new, downloadable application for iPhones and Droid users that will add some interactive fun on the go, help provide directions to the closest Ben & Jerry’s free cone location, and even provide a Free Cone Day frame for visitors to send photos to friends and loved ones to see what fun they’re missing.”

Over the past year Ben & Jerry’s added more specific flavors that use Fair Trade certified ingredients.  The company has taken a pledge to transition to use fully Fair Traded fruits, nuts, vanilla and cocoa in all of Ben & Jerry’s products globally by 2013.