John West No Drain tuna

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 12th April 2011

John West No Drain tunaSimplot’s tuna brand, John West, has released a new offering in canned tuna – John West No Drain.

The new cans contain a significantly smaller amount of liquid than standard canned tuna, meaning the fish can be taken straight out of the tin without draining. The new tuna, available in 130g snack-size varieties, is aimed at the single-serving tuna market – lunches and quick meals.

Each can contains skipjack tuna, and is available in springwater, brine or olive oil varieties. All are dolphin friendly and preservative and additive free.

“Each variant contains just enough springwater, brine or olive oil to retain the succulence and flavour of the tuna so it’s ready to add straight into salads, sandwhices, or your favourite pasta dishes. It’s the perfect solution to the fiddly mess we associate with draining tuna,” said the company.

John West No Drain Tuna is available in supermarkets nationally.