Fair Trade Fortnight

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 5th May 2011

The Fairtrade Association of Australia & New Zealand (FTAANZ) has urged all Aussies to show off their swap to Fairtrade Certified and fair trade products this Fair Trade Fortnight, whether it be their morning coffee, afternoon cuppa, chocolate treat, their t-shirt or even the Mother’s Day gift they give.

Fair Trade Fortnight (7-22 May) is Australia’s biggest annual celebration of all things fair trade, recognising the life-changing difference fair trade makes to the lives of more than six million farmers, workers, artisans, their families and communities in 58 developing countries.

FTAANZ CEO Stephen Knapp urged Aussies to show off their swap this Fortnight in the knowledge that by choosing Fairtrade Certified and fair trade products they are helping these farmers, workers and artisans create a fairer future.

“An easy way for Aussies to show off their swap this Fair Trade Fortnight is to buy products bearing the Fairtrade Label.

“Australia remains one of the fastest growing markets for Fairtrade Certified products in the world with annual retail sales growing over 200% in 2010 to A$120 million, and awareness of the Fairtrade Label rising by 14% in just 12 months to 37% in November last year,” Mr Knapp said.

“The Fairtrade Label on a product means it has met internationally recognised Fairtrade Certification standards – which unlike any other third party certification system empowers developing country farmers and workers to take control over their lives, get a fairer deal and create opportunities for their communities.

“This year supporters also have a chance to win some great prizes for showing off their swap thanks to our partners Cadbury and Chocolateria San Churro, who have recently made the swap the Fairtrade Certified coffee in stores across the country,” Mr Knapp said.

“Fairtrade Certification for products like tea, coffee, chocolate and cotton provide farmers with access to fair and stable prices as well as additional funds through the Fairtrade Premium to invest in everyday things for their business and communities.

“This means these communities can send their children to school, access health care facilities, invest in organic farming practices or simply build a road to get their produce to market,” Mr Knapp said.

“Fair Trade Fortnight builds on increasing consumer demand across the country.

As part of Fair Trade Fortnight a range of events and activities will be happening across the country, with many featuring two special guest fair trade producers – Senarath Yatigammana from Sri Lankan Fairtrade Certified tea producer group Bio Foods, and Cecilia Granadino from Peruvian artisan organisation MINKA Fair Trade.

Mr Knapp said the ability for Aussies to make the swap to Fairtrade Certified and fair trade products would be made even easier with the launch this Fortnight of Fair Traders of Australia (FToA) – a network of Australian businesses with fair trade at the core of their mission and who sell a range of fair trade products such as handicrafts, arts, giftware, clothing, jewellery as well as Fairtrade Certified products including tea, coffee, chocolate, cotton and sports balls.

“This is an exciting new development for the fair trade movement in Australia and with 10 businesses already endorsed as Fair Traders of Australia, we look forward to increasing the availability and choice of fair trade and Fairtrade Certified product across the country,” Mr Knapp said.

Mr Knapp said individuals, businesses, schools, universities, councils and community organisations wanting to find out more about how to show off their swap this Fair Trade Fortnight and the life-changing difference it makes for farmers, producers and artisans in developing countries should visit www.fairtradefortnight.com.