Natural Confectionary Co launches new campaign

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 16th May 2011

Kraft’s popular ‘no artificials’ sweets brand, The Natural Confectionery Co, previously part of Cadbury, last night unveiled a new campaign called ‘Let’s Play’, which encourages parents to reminisce and step into a kid’s world full of imaginative, creative play.

Lisa Casey, The Natural Confectionery Co. Senior Brand Manager, said it was a fun, light-hearted campaign that aims to position The Natural Confectionery Co. as a brand that encourages spontaneous and imaginative play.

“As a brand, The Natural Confectionery Co. is all about encouraging parents to remember the simple joy of freeform, unstructured play where spontaneity reigns and the imagination is stimulated. The new campaign celebrates this type of play,” said Casey.

The TVC at the heart of the campaign features three boys fighting imagined piratical perils to retrieve a bag of Natural Confectionary Co. Snakes in a suburban backyard, only to be captured by three girls next door when the Snakes turn out to be bait for a net trap.

The advertising campaign was developed by the team at The Ross Partnership, Melbourne.

“In the same way having the occasional treat is a natural part of being a kid, so is play. This ad is a celebration and reminder to parents of the importance of play in a well-rounded childhood. Play is how kids express creativity, imagination and independence for themselves. It is how they find out who they are and how they fit into the world,” said Ross Creative Director, Meg Sorensen