Launch: five:am organic yoghurt

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 1st July 2011

five:am yoghurtThe latest offering in the organic yoghurt market, five:am, has launched with six new flavours and boasting a wholly natural manufacturing process, free of gluten, gelatin, preservatives, starches, artificial colours, flavours, stabilisers or sweeteners.

Creator, surfer and long time yogi David Prior, said he was inspired to create a product that allowed him to have a clear ecological conscience during one of his early morning moments of clarity.

“It’s just as much about what’s not in our food as what’s in it – there are no hormones, antibiotics, herbicides or pesticides used in our yoghurts. Better yet, five:am allows indulgence without regret as part of a healthy, active lifestyle,” says the self-described ‘chief yoghurt dude’.

Proudly Australian owned and operated, five:am uses ‘only the best’ natural and organic ingredients, sourced locally from fourth-generation West Gippsland farmers Peter and Wendy Wallace.

“For us, organic farming is about remembering how our grandfathers generation farmed, rather than implementing new technology.  It’s about getting back to nature, understanding how it works and how to work for it,” said Wendy Wallace.

“The milk our cows produce each day has the same cream component as conventional milk minus the toxins, meaning they don’t end up in people’s cereal bowls. Yoghurt lovers will notice the difference in the richness and freshness straight away,” she said.

Prior agreed with Wallace:”Not all yoghurts are created equal.  The power of pure, organic yoghurt is to indulge without regret.”

Flavours and sizing ranges from the 700gram tubs (RRP$6.49) of natural and Greek style through to the delicious 170gram low fat strawberry, honey + cinnamon, low fat mango and vanilla bean (RRP$2.29).  All packaging is 100% recyclable.

five:am is available for purchase exclusively at Woolworths, Safeway and Thomas Dux grocers.