Qi Tea to launch “zero calorie” chai tea

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 27th January 2015
Qi Tea to launch “zero calorie” chai tea
Qi Tea to launch “zero calorie” chai tea

UK-based tea company Herbal Health Ltd has launched a new “zero calorie” chai style tea, Qi Tea Relax, in Australia.

Qi Relax Tea blends spices such as cinnamon, ginger and cloves, with a hint of orange.

“Qi Relax has zero calories and does not need milk or sugar added – it’s completely guilt free enjoyment,” said Nicole Lamond Philip, founder of the Australasian distributor of Qi Tea, Universal Village.

Universal Village said the Qi Tea range of teas have a “natural sweetness and high levels of antioxidants”. The teas are sourced and handpicked from tea bushes on the mountainside of Xitou Village in China. All ingredients in Qi Tea’s range are certified Fairtrade, and the Company said its tea is “bought directly from a small co-operative of independent Fairtrade farmers”.

Herbal Health Ltd, a small family-run business, was created in 1997 after founder, Joe d’Armenia, read a book on the health properties of green tea: ‘Green Tea: The Natural Secret to a Healthier Life’. Inspired by this research, he travelled to China and created Qi Teas.

Qi Tea also has a blending and packing facility in the Xitou Village area, which is owned by the Wuyuan Xitou Organic Tea Farmers Association.

Relax tea is made from white tea leaves – the baby buds and new shoots of the tea plant. Qi Tea said this “gives a natural, sweeter flavour with no added preservatives, GMOs or artificial” ingredients.  Qi Relax contains 80 per cent Chinese white tea, 7 per cent cassia cinnamon, cloves, ginger and natural orange flavour.

The tea will be available at Coles supermarkets from mid-March 2015. It will also be available from select IGA supermarkets, FoodWorks supermarkets and premium grocers.