Can you afford a costly product recall?

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 2nd June 2015

It is really difficult to calculate the true cost of a product recall. There are many factors to consider. The costs of advertising your recall, the transport and destruction of the product, the cost of replacing your product for consumers, any fines you may incur and another important cost you must consider is the cost it will have to your business reputation and future sales.hbm

How can you protect your company?

Invest in the right technology that will identify defects before they leave your production floor. INSPX of California USA, have been supplying X-Ray inspection machinery for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries for more than 15 years.

What is X-Ray Inspection?

Traditionally associated with medical and dental treatments, X-ray inspection systems are becoming more of a part of food safety procedures. X-Ray Inspection works by using electromagnetic radiation, like light or radio waves. The wavelength of X-rays allows them to pass through materials and hidden foreign bodies, such as glass or metal, can be detected because they reflect more on the X-rays than the surrounding food.

InspX X-Ray Inspection Machinery

INSPX offer a range of X-Ray Inspection solutions with single to triple beam, top down, side view & pipeline models, that can detect a range of foreign objects such as:-

  • metal objects, fillings, particles
  • shards of glass
  • stones
  • bone
  • rubber
  • hard plastics
  • low-contrast images such as plastics in powders

Contaminants as small as 0.5mm in size can be reliably detected.

The X-ray inspection systems are suitable for the inspection of metal cans & trays, glass bottles & jars, plastic bottles & containers, boxes & cartons, pouches, tray & bagged products and materials in pipes. X-ray systems can work in environments where metal detectors cannot, such as inspection metal containers or in high temperature areas.

The INSPX systems perform multiple tests simultaneously such as:

  • package inspection, density, fill level & fill volume
  • contamination inspection
  • missing components and void detection
  • out of conformance containers (damaged, dented or upside down)
  • Checkweighing

Is it safe?

Food that passes through an x-ray inspection system spends less than one second in the x-ray beam. During that short time, it receives a very low radiation dose. There are no measurable changes to flavours, textures or nutritional values. X-ray inspection is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for the inspection of all food, beverage and pharmaceutical products.

For all these reasons, X-ray inspection equipment is now an integral part of the food inspection process, and as X-ray systems become more sophisticated, advanced and intelligent, their future in the food industry is assured.

For more information on InspX X-Ray Inspection machines contact:

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