Mondelez claims it has improved its practices in environmental, social and health needs

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 9th June 2015


Mondelez International says it is set to reach its goal of 100 per cent traceable palm oil by the end of 2015.

Mondelez International says it is set to reach its goal of 100 per cent traceable palm oil by the end of 2015.

With the food manufacturer just  releasing its 2014 ‘Call For Well-Being’ Progress Report, Mondelez says that it reached 70 per cent of traceability last year.

Mondelez and other food manufacturers have been under increasing pressure in recent years either move away from the usage palm oils sourced from plantations in rain forest regions or at least to prove that their palm oil comes from environmentally friendly and socially sustainable sources.

The company has previously received heat over the adverse impacts palm oil plantations have on the environment and animals.

Mondelez’s traceability aims come with the company making a commitment to only use palm oil from “legally-owned land”. The company also says it will not use oil which has come about because of deforestation, child labour and human rights abuses.

Mondelez says its palm oil has RSPO status  issued by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. The Roundtable was established in 2004 to help promote sustainable palm oil use worldwide. The organisation has however received criticism, a 2013 report claimed that despite some plantations being RSPO certified that there were still human right abuses occurring.

There too has been criticism that Mondelez can just pass on the costs of sustainability to producers instead of absorbing such costs itself.

Healthier Food Targets

The Modelz also says that the company is offering healthier food options. Mondelez says it is on track to achieve receiving 25 per cent of their revenue from ‘Better Choice’ products by 2020. In 2014, 22.4 per cent of profits came from this type of food.

However the company has announced it will cease advertising directly to children under the age of 12 from 2016, whether the food is considered healthy or not.

Safety Targets

Mondelez has also addressed safety in the report saying it is on track to achieve Food System Safety Certification for all of the company’s internal manufacturing facilities by the end of 2015. Most (90 per cent) of sites were certified in 2014 year.