Food, cosmetics texture testing and analysing machine

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 17th June 2015

The TA1 texture analyser provided from Bestech Australia is excellent at testing compression, shear, extrusion, puncture, hardness forces, etc. within food testing, pet food testing, cosmetics testing and pharmaceuticals testing. The texture analyzer has a large working area of 180 mm throat depth for larger specimens, and a wide range of work tables for flexibility. This test machine can perform rapid, detailed texture profile analysis (TPA) on applications up to 1 kN. It has built-in test software for enhanced performance, the TA1 texture analyzer can be used with the NEXYGENPlus data analysis software.bestech

The NEXYGENPlus software interacts with Excel and Word, offering you the possibility of automatically transferring your test results directly into your own corporate templates. The TA1 texture analyzer has an exceptional load accuracy of ±0.5% down to 1% of load cell value, providing a high dynamic range, and thereby reducing the number of load cells required to cover the full force range.

I recommend that this instrument will be an asset to any food technology laboratory”, says Dr. Saleena Mathew, professor at Cochin University of Science & Technology.

TA1 Key Features:

– Large work area

– Data sampling rate 8 kHz

– Save up to 600 test results

– 10 programmable test set-ups

– Multilingual and multi-unit display options as standard

– Export data directly into your Excel and Word templates.


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