Kids bagel crisps launched in the Australian market

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 24th June 2015

Abe's Bagel BitesNew Zealand based Abe’s Bagel Bakery has introduced a new children’s snack to Australian supermarkets.

‘Abe’s Kids Bagel Bites’ are a bagel crisp that comes in two flavours, ‘Pizza’ and ‘Sour Cream and Chives’, and is presented in small portion-sized packets designed for easy consumption by children.

The bite-sized pieces are baked slices of the bagel made from wholemeal and barley flour and are labelled as having no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. The new product claims to have half the fat of regular potato chips.

About Abe’s Bagel Bakery

Before the launch of this product for the children’s snack market, Abe’s bagel crisps started selling regular larger-sized packets in Australia in 2008. The product has sold well and are a staple for the company which was established in Auckland, New Zealand in 1996.

Outside of its bagel crisp lines, the company produces a variety of fresh bagel flavours.

Abe’s Kids Bagel Bites are available now at Woolworths stores. The recommended retail price is $3.99 for 6×15 gram packets.