Little Creatures Brewing Ltd introduces new Victorian beer

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 24th June 2015

Furphy BeerLittle Creatures Brewing Ltd has introduced a new beer into Dan Murphy’s.

Furphy Refreshing Ale is made from Victorian grown ingredients and is inspired by German Kolsch. It is described as a crisp drink with a subtle fruit and malt flavour.

The brew was first available on-tap at the Geelong based Little Creatures Brewery. Since then it has spread to pubs across the state and now into Dan Murphy’s.

Furphy joins other Little Creatures offerings now available at the liquor retailer.

The new product continues the ongoing pathway of innovation by Little Creatures as reported by Australian Food News recently in relation to “seasonal beer” and single batch limited release beer.

The beer was given the name “Furphy”  as a way of acknowledging the Furphy water-cart business established many years ago by the Furphy family in Shepparton, Victoria.

The name Furphy is not just a well-known and historically powerful Victorian name going back in  history through the Victorian gold rushes and soldiers’ lore in WW1, but the word ‘furphy’ also became the synonym, in Australian slang, for a dubious story or rumour spread by drinkers from the water cart.

Little Creatures Brewing Ltd Background

Little Creatures Brewing was established in Perth in 2000. It was acquired by Japanese-owned Lion  in 2012. Lion is a subsidiary of Kirin.

Furphy beer is now available at Dan Murphy’s with a recommended retail price of $4.29 per bottle.