Domino’s denies software copying claim for its tracking system

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 20th July 2015

smartphone-695164_640A small Sydney based company, Precision Tracking, has claimed that the Domino‘s pizza group is using a copy of its tracking technology for its deliveries. Domino’s denies the claims.

Precision Tracking specialises in building GPS tracking and fleet management. On a website created by Precision Tracking, the company claims that it invented the “Domino’s GPS Driver Tracker” Domino’s installed in 50 Domino’s stores.

“We put our livelihoods on the line and spent three years working hard to get it working right and make it great,” Precision Tracking says on the website making its claims against Domino’s. Precision Tracking provides pictures that compare the Domino’s GPS system with the Precision Tracking system alleging similarities demonstrated.

The website too includes a screenshot from what is claimed to be Domino’s CEO, Don Meji’s Facebook page with Precision Tracking saying that, “A Domino’s software developer, Stephen Reardon, appears to implicitly admit to cloning Precision Tracking’s existing solution that was used in 50 stores”. Domino’s says it worked with a number of different GPS suppliers in testing phases but decided to go with Navman due to Navman being “significantly superior” than any other GPS companies. Domino’s also said “Navman’s GPS solution developed for Domino’s is in no way based on or uses the Precision Tracking solution or technology.”