Drivers puzzled by McDonald’s appearing out of the middle of Aussie desert

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 20th July 2015

McDonald’s may be experiencing some pressures regarding global profits but would the chain bother setting up a store in the  heart of Australia’s Simpson Desert?

Apparently not, but someone has tried on the fast food restaurant’s behalf by installing at 15-metre high ‘coming soon’ McDonald’s in the Australian outback.

The sign features the McDonald’s logo and a ‘break glass in emergency’ box at the base with a McDonald’s takeaway bag inside.

A representative from McDonald’s Australia said the sign and box was a mystery to the fast food chain and the design is not in line with current branding.

South Australian Environment Minister Ian Hunt has set up a government investigation.

Some believe that the sign may have first appeared on or about 1 April.

A video of the sign by ‘Live Action 4WDING’ can be seen here.