Public opinion puts greengrocers ahead on quality

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 31st August 2015

Fruit and VegetablesNew research shows Aussie shoppers put greengrocers ahead of the bunch when it comes to quality and freshness.


The research of 1,000 Australians commissioned by Sydney Markets reveals that over 90% of main grocery buyers rate their greengrocers highly when it comes to quality, freshness and longevity of fruit and vegetables. Plus, when it comes to value for money, greengrocers are also the clear winners with almost 80% of those who shop there saying it is better value for money than their local big chain.


Unsurprisingly, it is convenience that is the driving factor for 75% of Aussies shopping at the supermarket. In fact, 21% of Australians claim to frequently take fruit or vegetables home from the supermarket and find them to be bad inside or only last a few days. This compares to only 6% of those surveyed that shop at their local greengrocers.


Not only this, but 25% rated the freshness and longevity at supermarkets as poor compared to only 6% at greengrocers.



The research found that 63% would actually prefer to shop at their local greengrocer, but lack of time and convenience trumps their decision.


Other insights from the research by Sydney Markets found:


  • When it comes to cost, research shows the average weekly spend on fresh fruit and vegetables for the household is $37.70.


  • Of those who shop at their local greengrocers, 65% say they offer the best value for good quality fresh fruit and vegetables while only 17% of supermarket shoppers say the same.


  • 62% of Australians say fresh fruit and vegetables bought at the greengrocers is fresh produce that lasts, as opposed to only 11% of supermarket shoppers, showing product longevity and value.