Unilever Magnum launches into confectionery and chocolate in Australia as part of a global brand extension

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 2nd September 2015

Magnum ChocolateUnilever’s Magnum Ice Cream is preparing to launch a confectionery line into Australia.The Australian launch will coincide with the confectionery lines global launch into countries including Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, New Zealand and the UK.


The line will be available from most major supermarkets and independent stores from October 2015 and will be made from rainforest Alliance chocolate. The Magnum range will include the following products:


Magnum Chocolate Blocks


The Magnum chocolate blocks will be available in three varieties,


  • Classic Milk Chocolate made from high cocoa solids
  • Dark Chocolate created using Ecuadorian single origin chocolate
  • White Chocolate with Madagascan vanilla pod


The blocks will be available in a 25g size for a recommended retail price of $2 and in a 90g size for $4.00.


The Magnum Chocolate Collection Box


The Magnum Chocolate Collection is a gift box and contains a mixture of milk, dark and white chocolate with a variety of flavours including salted caramel, raspberry, double chocolate, almond and praline.


The recommended retail price will be $12.00 for a 180g box and $20.00 for a 280g box.


Magnum Chocolate Thins


A thin serving of chocolate which makes the same cracking sound when broken as when a Magnum ice cream is bitten into. This chocolate will feature the Magnum ‘M’ logo stamp and comes in milk, dark espresso and dark mint flavours.


The thins will be sold in a 180g box for $10.00.


Magnum Chocolate Almond Bar


A chocolate bar based on the popular almond flavoured Magnum ice cream. The bar will consist of almond truffle, roasted almond pieces covered in a double layer of white and milk chocolate.


This chocolate will sell in a 90g bar for $1.80.


Easter Eggs


Unilever will also be making seasonal chocolates including Easter Eggs.


Australian manufacturer wins supply contract


Kinnerton Confectionary will be manufacturing the chocolate on behalf of Unilever. Kinnerton Confectionery was established in 2002 and is one of Australia’s largest independent manufacturers of character and novelty confectionary. The company already produces private label and bespoke confectionery for Coles and Woolworths.   


Upmarket premium chocolate trend


“The premium chocolate segment is the growth sector for chocolate in Australia,” said Kinnerton Confectionery Australian Marketing Manager, Vruchi Waje.

“Young consumers aged between 25-34 are the ones most likely to indulge in a block of chocolate, however the current premium chocolate offerings lack stand out, and mostly appeal to consumers over 35 years.”


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