Eagle Boys pizza joining Jetstar menu

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 9th September 2015

Eagle BoysJetstar is now selling Eagle Boys pizza on all domestic Australian flights longer than two-hours in duration.


The airline will start by offering mini Hawaiian flavoured pizzas but it is expected that other flavours and menu options will be offered in the near future.


The pizza must be ordered before the flight when passengers are purchasing their tickets.


Eagle Boys will work with distribution and logistics company, ACIT to get the pizzas on flights.


The pizza chain said it spent a year researching and developing the product and it hopes that it will allow for new customers to be reached.


Jetstar staff will be able to use pre-existing plane facilities to heat and serve the food in specially designed Eagle Boys packaging.


Eagle Boys already has a presence within the Australian flight industry operating its express stores out of airports including Cairns, Sydney and Perth.


Jetstar has been expanding its menu throughout 2015. In July Sumo Salad announced that three varieties of its salads would be available on select Jetstar flights.  


The Eagle Boys mini pizza for Jetstar are available for $8.00 each.


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