Know exactly how much you’re sending out the door

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 9th October 2015

Checkweighers automatically check the weight of packaged goods, and any packs outside the specified tolerances are pushed off the line.

They are a simple, yet highly effective, way to ensure that everything that leaves your factory door is the right weight. The main benefits are:

  • targeted cost reductions
  • greater customer satisfaction
  • few stoppages
  • more transparency
  • increased profits

Mark Dingley, General Manager of Matthews, says, “In other words, checkweighing systems optimise profit and reduce cost.”

“Made in Germany by Bizerba, our range includes stand-alone and integrated checkweighers, which provide weight-based marking with an integrated database, and checkweigh-labelling systems.

“These high-performance, compact, fully automatic labellers can be used as stand-alone machines with manual feed, or be integrated into your automated production line for fully automatic weigh and weigh-price labelling.

“Advanced features, including complete reporting, mean Matthews’ checkweighing systems deliver an exceptional return on investment.”

Advanced features include:

  • Scalable solutions: because the technology is highly adaptable and easily adjusted on site, you can continue to expand and adapt your checkweighing system for future needs.
  • Seamless integration: Matthews can integrate a scales connection into our high-performance range of intelligent weighing, information and communication technology.
  • Greater visibility: our checkweighers come with either an easy-to-use monochrome display or an optional 12.1-inch colour touch-screen. Several displays set up at different places along the production line, give manufacturers greater visibility and drive efficiency.
  • Complete reporting: manufacturers can see, print out, evaluate and store short and long-term statistics — both digitally and on paper. Reports can also be generated on random testing for packaging conformity and statistics about materials, machines, batches, shifts and alarm messages, including a time stamp, allowing trends and process efficiency to be quickly detected.

See what major efficiencies that expanding fresh-produce packer AAA Packers picked up when they installed a Bizerba weigh-labeller from Matthews Australasia.

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