Why Is Sealtick Leak Detection Equipment One of the Best in the Industry?

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 19th October 2015

SealTick® leak detection equipment is used in many countries, globally, for food packaging testing. Sealing integrity is one of the most important concerns of quality control for packaging. A leaking package will reduce the shelf life and quality of fresh produce and result in costly returns.

Sealtick has developed several leak detection products that are designed to improve your package leak detection process therefore the integrity of packaging. There many causes lead to packing failure. First, the particles of the product may become intertwined with the seal. In other cases, the heating element that is supposed to create a thermal seal may be misaligned. Or there can be issues with incorrect specifications for the heat, duration and pressure during the sealing process. These factors can all have an impact on poor sealing of the package.TSE6086b_open_web

Leak detection equipment hence is required to function in a manner that can accurately and rapidly detect leaks. If above mentioned problems go without detection, the product is likely to end up being recalled or returned by the customer. This could lead to serious brand damage or and with it dire commercial consequence. Purchase of SealTick leak detectors can avoid unwanted financial losses and is an essential component for effective quality control process.


Sealtick leak detection equipment offers a number of features that make our products some of the most accurate and reliable products in today’s market. Sealtick leak detection systems can find holes that are as small as 10 microns in sealed products or non-porous packages. Sealtick leak detection equipment is also easy to operate, safe and will generate results very quickly.

  • Software logging testing data for factory automation
  • Shelf life and package performance (leak) testing
  • Inspection of packaging for offline and online applications and QA/QC process control (note: all Sealtick leak testers are for OFFLINE application)
  • Different leak testing methods (Sealtick uses vacuum decay non-destructive method 6086B and bubble emission for 2032)
  • Eliminate human error in testing

Non-destructive Package Leak Testing

Non-destructive package testing is one of the unique features for SealTick® Models TSE6081b, TSE6086b and TSE6089L Flexible Package Integrity Testers. Non-destructive package testing can lower the waste of products by allowing the products that pass the testing to be reincorporated into the packing line.

With non-destructive package testing, companies can minimize the number of products that are damaged simply for the purposes of testing. Non-destructive testing brings quality control costs down and offers quick ROI for your businesses.

Recall Reduction

SealTick® leak detection systems help to lower operational costs by reducing the risk of a widespread product recall. The leak detection systems can help ensure that leaks in packaging are discovered earlier so that these products are never distributed to customers. With our SealTick leak testers, companies can immediately resolve any packaging issues and discover faults occurred in the packaging process.

We ship our Sealtick® leak testing systems to customers in many locations around the world. Our friendly customer service and sales team can help you to select the right systems for your needs.

Please visit www.sealtick.com now to learn more details on our fantastic packaging leak testing machines adapted by other world class food manufacturers and developing your existing QC processes!

The SealTick® leak testing equipment works on the principle of vacuum decay. A testing package is rapidly placed under a vacuum, and then isolated, so that any leaks allow a return towards atmospheric pressure. The SealTick TSE Series are ideal for testing product packages of Milk powder, Sausage skins, Snack foods, Salads, Biscuits, Bottle caps, Sandwich packs, Animal food, Pharmaceuticals, Blood bags, Medical bandages, Syringes, MAP Packs, Cans, and many more.