Nespresso launches limited edition Christmas coffee pods

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 11th November 2015

VARIATIONSLIMITEDEDITION_CAPSULE-CIOCCOGINGER_30062015135857681Nestle’s Nespresso brand has launched a “limited edition” range of Christmas inspired coffee pods for the festive season.


The three flavours are;


  • Vanilla Amaretti: Almond and vanilla flavours, with an aroma similar to an amaretti biscuit. It has an intensity level of six.


  • Ciocco Ginger: Hints of ginger along with dark chocolate combines to create a spicy coffee. It has an intensity level of six.


  • Vanilla Cardamom: Vanilla and cardamom aromas.  It has an intensity level of six.


The pods are only available now until the end of the Christmas period. Gift packs which provide samples of all the flavours are also available for purchase.


The recommended retail price is $8.40 for a pack of 10 capsules which are available in Nespresso Boutiques Australia wide.


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