Almond Breeze introduces new long-life Almond milk combinations into range

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 25th November 2015

AB Unsweet COCONUT HRAlmond Breeze has launched two new long-life milk options into Australian supermarkets.


‘Unsweetened Almond and Coconut Blend’ and ‘Unsweetened Almond and Cashew’ blend are suitable for vegans and contain less than 45 calories per serving.


The almond and coconut version contains 2 per cent almonds along with coconut cream for taste. The almond and cashew product has 1.1 per cent almonds and 0.9 per cashews.


Both products are promoted as being a good source of calcium and that they contain no cholesterol.


The products are each sold in 1 litre cartons at Woolworths and Coles with a recommended retail price of AUD$3.29.


About Almond Breeze


Almond Breeze is owned by Blue Diamond Growers which is a California based agricultural cooperative and marketing organisation which specialises in almonds.


Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond and Coconut Blend and Unsweetened Almond and Cashew Blend are available in one litre cartons




According to Nielsen figures listed in Retail World’s December 2014 Annual Report, the value of Australia’s non-dairy milk analogues grocery market was AUD$171.9 million. UHT/Long life Non-Dairy analogues then had an 81.1 per cent volume share of the market whilst chilled soy milk had an 18.9 per cent volume share.


Retail World listed Sanitarium, owner of the So Good brand, as having a 33.7 per cent volume share of the non-dairy milk analogue grocery market in Australia closely followed by Lion’s Vitasoy with 32.4 per cent – well ahead of the remaining suppliers.