Aldi UK pokes fun at Coke and Cadbury ads in guerrilla war

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 15th March 2016

Aldi supermarkets in the UK have taken a unique approach to advertising their 2016 Easter offerings. They are parodying two popular advertisements by other well-known brands.

In one advertisement, Aldi has re-created Cadbury’s highly-awarded commercial depicting a gorilla playing drums against a purple background to Phil Collin’s “The Air Tonight”.



Aldi’s version starts off similarly to the Cadbury advertisement but then shows a price comparison of a Lindt Easter bunny versus its’ cheaper private label bunny. The Gorilla makes fun of the drum-playing by saying “If you like that, wait until you see me on the piano”.



The supermarket also parodies a 1994 Diet Coke TV advertisement that saw a group of female office workers take a “Diet Coke Break” to watch a tradesman drink a Diet Coke. In Aldi’s version, the Diet Coke is replaced with Hot Cross Buns.




The advertisements are not the first time that Aldi UK has performed its own version of an old but popular advertisement. As part of its 2015 Christmas advertising the supermarket made a parody of a UK department store advertisement in order to promote its own goods.

Aldi has not released versions of the advertisements for Australia but the supermarket is still promoting a wide range of private label Easter products including Easter Eggs, Hot Cross Buns, biscuits and baking goods.