Muffin Break to start serving breakfast

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 23rd March 2016

Muffin Break Muffin Break is leveraging its successful brand into a wider product offering and is now selling breakfast foods as part of its menu options.

There are over 300 Muffin Break franchises across Australia, all of which will be selling the following breakfast food from 6am – 11am daily:

Available between 6am -11am everyday, Muffin Break’s breakfast menu incudes:

  • A breakfast “scroll” made of herbs, tomato pasta sauce, cheese, bacon and egg (a vegetarian option is also available)
  • Bacon and egg rolls using a ciabatta roll, bacon, fried egg and BBQ or tomato sauce
  • A vegetarian breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs, feta, parmesan, rocket, capsicum and a spicy bean mix
  • Breakfast smoothie made with bananas, honey, oats and cinnamon
  • Sweet danishes available in either blueberry, mango, apple or fruit of the day

Muffin Break says the menu caters for those who like either sweet or savoury breakfast foods and will allow the quick-service-restaurant chain to expand beyond muffins.

The franchise chain is owned by Foodco Group which is a Sydney based company that has been in operation since 1989. Foodco Group also owns Jamaica Blue and Dreamy Donuts.