Half of Aussies trying quinoa might not be so bad

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 8th June 2016

QuinoaA media release we received this week states that “only 50 per cent” of Australians have tried quinoa.

Although 50 per cent might seem like a small figure at first, is it really that small when considering a few factors?

1. Price
Quinoa is expensive to buy, especially when compared to rice or potato, which it is often an alternative for.
Woolworths for example sells its private label Macro Organic 500gm quinoa pack for $8.00 whilst it sells 1kg of Macro Organic white rice for $3.99.

2. Comparison with avocados
In a recent ABC Landline episode, Antony Allen, the Chief Executive Officer of The Avolution, a marketing group for Australian avocados, said “only 30 per cent of people would have an avocado on toast during the year”.
Considering how long avocados have been an Australian supermarket staple, quinoa might not be performing too badly.

3. Local crops
Until the past couple of years, only a small amount of Australian quinoa was grown in Tasmania.
Western Australian farmers are currently working to develop a solid quinoa industry in the State, but it is still in a formative stage.