Hello Kitty rockmelons now available in Japan

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 8th June 2016

Japanese farmers have taken marketing their fruit to the next level.

They have discovered a way to grow rockmelons with Hello Kitty’s face on it.

According to Rocket News 24, the farmers create the image of Hello Kitty’s face by scratching it into the fruit’s skin one month before it is ripe. The design then takes on the same texture and colour of the natural lines which occur in a rockmelon’s skin so the picture appears as though it was grown on.

The rockmelon is then sold in a specially designed Hello Kitty cardboard box.

The fruit is not cheap, selling for the equivalent of approximately AUD $50. Expensive fruit is not uncommon in Japan as it is a tradition to give high-quality fruit to mark special occasions.

Hello Kitty has been an extremely popular cartoon character in Japan since it was created by a Japanese designer, Yuko Shimizu, in the early 1970s. Hello Kitty is now well-known internationally and is licensed to companies such as McDonald’s who use it to sell their own products.