WCB launches snacks under ‘Coon’ and ‘Cracker Barrel’

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 29th June 2016

Coon CheeseWarrnambool Cheese & Butter (WCB) is now selling snack sized portions of cheese under its Coon and Cracker Barrel brands.

WCB acquired Coon and Cracker Barrel from Lion Dairy in March 2015.

The new products include 8 pieces of 20gm servings of individually wrapped cheese designed for consumers to ‘grab & go’.

WCB is also in the process of updating its packaging for both brands, along with its Tasty, Colby and Mil Lel Parmeasans’ brands.

The company says the new packaging is easy to open and Crack Barrel now has a new look to help appeal to a broader audience.

General Manager of Marketing at WCB, Ted Lawson, said the new ranges and improvements to packaging address the changing needs of consumers.

“People are leading increasingly busy lifestyles where they snack on the go, so we wanted to create an offering that made it easy and convenient to enjoy these time-honoured classics from Coon and Cracker Barrel,” he said.

The new ‘Coon Snacks’ can be purchased now from Australian supermarkets for $4.99. The Cracker Barrel snack servings can also be purchased from Australian supermarkets for $5.49. The new packaging will start appearing in supermarkets from July 2016.