Jalna listens to Kosher customer concerns

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 25th July 2016


Jalna has decided for now to bring back Kosher certification of its products.

The decision comes after the dairy company received a barrage of customer complaints through social media last week regarding the decision to remove all religious certification from its products.

In its statement announcing the decision, Jalna explained it decided to let all of its religious certifications lapse as of December 2015, whilst the Senate inquiry into third party certification was underway.

Jalna said however it would now allow for Kosher certification to return and would aw

ait the Australian federal government response to the Senate inquiry’s recommendations on Halal certification.

Announcement from Jalna

“In the meantime, in alignment with the Senate Inquiry’s positive endorsement of the Kosher certification, but more importantly with the current sentiment and views expressed by the public, we felt it was compelling enough and have decided to reconsider our position on Kosher certification,” Jalna said in its statement published on the Kosher Australia Facebook page.

“Although it’s stepping away from the position Jalna has held since 2015 – of consistency in its support across all religious certification – we feel that the public response has warranted reconsideration of this position as an interim measure, whilst we await the full outcome of the Senate Inquiry into transparent religious certification practices and management,” the statement said.

The results from Senate inquiry into third party certification was published in December 2015 with several recommendations for change made, some of which focused on Halal certification.

Kosher Australia happy with the decision

Kosher Australia, the main certification body for Kosher foods in Australia, said on its Facebook page that it would like to thank Jalna for considering the concerns of Kosher customers and reconsidering their position.

“We will be scheduling a site visit as soon as possible to allow reinstatement of the kosher status of Jalna’s products,” Kosher Australia said.

Australian Food News last week reported Jalna’s previous decision to remove all religious certification.