Chobani’s US moves into branded café’s and bars

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 30th November 2016

Chobani Yoghurt has opened a Chobani Café inside a Target store in New York.

The company is also planning to open a ‘Chobani Creation Bar’ in New Jersey a New Jersey supermarket.

Chobani Creation Bars allow customers to choose and mix their own flavours and toppings with Chobani yoghurt.

Chobani already opened its first café in SoHo, New York in 2013. The new café serves a wide range of foods and drinks featuring Chobani yoghurt including breakfast bowls, salad, main meals and sweets.

Strategic change of direction

The move into cafes and yoghurt bars represents a change in direction for Chobani as a business which established itself in 2007 as a marketer of yoghurt packs sold in supermarkets.

Chobani was founded by businessman Hamdi Ulukaya who brought a plant in New York that was being closed by Kraft in 2005.

Australian innovations by Chobani

Chobani entered Australian supermarkets in 2011 and was the first country outside of America the Chobani yoghurt was sold. It entered Australia as a “Greek” yoghurt or Greek styled yoghurt.

Within Australia, Chobani is largely sold through supermarkets in tubs but the company launched a high in protein dip range in February 2016.

In March 2015, Chobani Australia also launched a product which mixes yoghurt and oats together.

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