Latest news on Patties’ Four’N Twenty Pies

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 1st March 2017

Iconic Australian meat pie brand, Four’N Twenty, is celebrating its 70th birthday.

Currently owned by Patties Foods, Four’N Twenty is Australia’s biggest selling pie brand.

Four’N Twenty had its start in 1947 when Bendigo businessman, Leslie Thompson McClure, took his pies to the Melbourne Agriculture Show where they proved popular and lead him to open a Melbourne bakery.

General Manager of Marketing and Innovation of Four’N Twenty, Stuart Smyth, said the pie brand’s 70th birthday comes at a time when sales are growing in both supermarkets and convenience stores.

“In 2016, Four’N Twenty sold a staggering 21 million pies, pasties and sausage rolls. That’s more than 57, 0000 consumed a day,” he said.

How Four’N Twenty is still succeeding after 70 years in business

Smyth said Four’N Twenty is not just relying on its classic pies and sausage rolls even after 70 years in business.

“We are growing the marketing by introducing exciting new flavours,” Smyth said.

“Our Limited Edition Four’N Twenty Cheeseburger Pies, and Chicken Parma Pies, have been a big hit,” he said.

“And we’ve invested in state-of-the-art cooking technology, which has enabled us to increase the quality and flavour of the meat with our popular Real Chunky range,” Smyth added.


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