Aldi updates its logo

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 27th March 2017

Aldi is preparing to introduce its first new logo in 20 years.

The new-look logo will be introduced to Australia later in 2017 and is being rolled out to all other Aldi stores worldwide.

A spokesperson from Aldi Australia told Australian Food News that the logo has been changed to reflect the contemporary image of Aldi and key developments recently undertaken by the supermarket.

“In Australia, this includes Aldi’s commitment to rolling out its new store format across all stores by 2020,” the Aldi spokesperson said.

Aldi said the logo reflects the principle of simplicity and familiar elements of the old logo still remain, such as the ‘A for Aldi’ and the light blue colouring.

The evolution of Aldi’s logo

It is not the first time Aldi has updated its logo, with the supermarket making a number of changes since 1948.

“Aldi’s first logo was created at the end of the 1940s by the Albrecht brothers for their grocery stores,” Aldi’s spokesperson said.

“Back then, the logo included a red background and the store name ‘Karl Albrecht Lebensmittel’ in white lettering,” the spokesperson stated.