Transforming water into ‘lemonade’, new tastebud teleport invention opens the door

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 10th April 2017

Researchers based in Singapore have discovered how to teleport a glass of lemonade.

According to New Scientist, the researchers have used sensors and electrodes to transmit the colour and sourness of lemonade into a glass of water, making it similar to the original beverage.

One of the researchers from the National University of Singapore, Nimesha Ranasighe, said the research was inspired by people sharing images of food and drink on social media.

He hopes that one-day taste will be able to be “uploaded” online, just like how images of food is now uploaded.

The team also aims to add smell to the mix one day as well.

Colour and pH sensors were used to pick up the acidity and colour of the lemonade before transmitting it to the water.

Australian Food News commentary 

FoodLegal’s Joe Lederman says the fact that a consumer can be drinking a glass of water with the perception of drinking lemonade opens the door for a myriad of potential applications.

One of these could be in relation to satisfying the taste desires of any consumer with virtual substitutes such as water.

Lederman says that many commercial opportunities are likely to flow from this invention.

“It may also create whole new areas for scientific endeavour to explore the health and nutritional possibilities and effects,” he said.