Diageo to start using nutrition panels on alcoholic drinks

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 12th April 2017

Alcohol producer, Diageo, will be adding nutritional panels to its beverages.

Diageo’s Bundaberg Rum will be the first drink to start featuring a nutrition panel, with other brands including Smirnoff, Captain Morgan and Baileys, starting to display the panels in the near future.

The panels will include information such as kilojoules per serving, carbohydrates, fats and sugar.

Spokesperson for Diageo, Kylie McPherson, said the new labelling has been introduced in response to consumer needs and social trends.

“This initiative helps consumers have clearer information about what’s in their glass, and in a way that they can easily understand it at a glance,” McPherson said.

Unlike food, nutritional panels are not required on alcoholic beverages sold in Australia. Diageo is however not the only company deciding the voluntarily use the panels with Lion first introducing them in August 2015.

Lion then followed up with a marketing campaign launched in December 2015 focused on revealing nutritional facts about its drinks, such as 99.9 per cent of its beer being sugar free.

According to Diageo’s research, two out of three Australians says having clear information would influence their choice of beverage.

“With the rise of fitness trackers and calorie counting apps, people are becoming increasingly conscious of what they are consuming,” McPherson said.


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