Sunny Queen finds sales growth in its premium free-range eggs

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 19th April 2017

Australian grocery shoppers are seeking out free-range eggs with lower hen density production ratios.

The benefits are being reaped by a Queensland egg producer, Sunny Queen, which is reporting a significant jump in its free-range sales over the past year.

Over 12 months since the same period in 2016, the company saw purchases of its free-range eggs increase by 19 per cent.

Sunny Queen has attributed its sales increase partly to its decision to have only 1, 500 hens per hectare despite the current law that allows ‘free-range’ egg producers to have up to 10, 000 hens per hectare.

How many hens per hectare should constitute free-range eggs has been a heated topic over the past several years with the Minister for Consumer Affairs finally announcing in April 2016 the 10, 000 hens per hectare maximum standard.

Consumer advocacy group, CHOICE, has however long been advocating that consumers who want free-range eggs should only purchase from farms with 1, 500 hens per hectare or less.

Managing Director of Sunny Queen Australia, John O’Hara, said it is “evident that consumers want transparency when it comes to the lifecycle of their food.”

“We take stringent measures to ensure hen happiness is at the heart of our free range farming system, and Sunny Queen Farms will continue to go above and beyond by providing a King-size bed’s worth of space for each of our hens,” O’Hara said.


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