Harris Farm Markets launch campaign against single-use plastic bags

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 1st May 2017

Harris Farm Markets is teaming up with Clean Up Australia to campaign against single-use plastic bags.

Harris Farm Markets says it hopes the campaign will lead to long-term change in its customer’s shopping habits.

From May 2017, to the end of July 2017, Harris Farm Markets will donate five cents to Clean Up Australia for every customer who refuses plastic bags at its checkouts in its New South Wales stores.

Co-Chief Executive Officer of Harris Farm Markets, Tristan Harris, says the supermarket chain has been a long-term supporter of cutting-out plastic bags.

“For at least 10 years we have offered our customers the choice of boxes as an alternative to plastic bags, and will continue to encourage them to bring their own bags as we try to change the trajectory of our collective pollution,” Tristan Harris said.

It is estimated that five billion plastic bags are distributed in Australia each year. Approximately 80 million of these bags end up in Australia’s litter steam.

About Harris Farm Markets

Harris Farm Markets was established in 1971 by David Harris whose family still owns and operates the supermarkets today.

David Harris began his business with the intention to only sell premium quality produce. By the early 1980s, there were nearly 40 Harris owned grocery stores in New South Wales and Queensland, all selling premium fruit and vegetables. However, the business went into liquidation in the early 1990s, leaving only one store in operation.

With Australians becoming increasingly interested in premium produce in the last ten years, the Harris family has been able to re-grow its grocery network. There are now 23 Harris Farm Markets across New South Wales.


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