Coke embarks on largest ever sampling campaign

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 26th June 2017

Coca-Cola has embarked on its largest ever sampling campaign to help launch Coca-Cola No Sugar.

In early June 2017, Coca-Cola South Pacific announced it was launching Coca-Cola No Sugar to replace Coke Zero.

Approximately two million free samples are expected to be distributed across the coming months with Coke employing a number of unique strategies to get its new drink in the hands of Australians.

An outdoor advertisement has been installed in Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall which dispenses free samples when shoppers speak Coke’s campaign phrase, “say yes”.

Coke has also began airing a television advertisement which prompts viewers to use the Shazam music app to download a free Coke No Sugar voucher.

Utilising technology

Marina Rocha, Group Marketing Manager at Coca-Cola South Pacific said Coke has focused on utilising technology in its sampling campaign.

“We have looked to fold technology into our campaign wherever relevant for consumers to help us create an engaging way to get the product in their hands,” Rocha said.

“We have created a wealth of stunning content and partnered with a range of talent which consumers will continue to see in coming weeks,” she said.


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