Coeliac Disease testing insufficient, Australian researchers

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 28th June 2017

Medical tests designed to determine whether someone has Coeliac Disease are insufficient a study conducted at the University of Technology Sydney has found.

The study discovered that current testing methods are insufficient on their own and invasive and expensive intestinal biopsies would also be required.

“This is particularly true for early stage 1 and 2 coeliac disease that may represent a gluten intolerant state that could benefit from a gluten free diet and where the sensitivity of the existing tests is low,” said researcher, Dr Olga Shimoni.

The researchers however said new technologies and novel approaches to diagnosis are currently being developed.

The study authors  said they believe that multidisciplinary research across immunology, molecular biology and nanotechnology, together with new discoveries in coeliac disease genetics, will be needed to overcome the challenges involved in developing adequate testing.


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