Suspected Panama disease found on another QLD banana plant

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 12th July 2017

A suspected case of Panama fungal disease has been found at a Queensland banana plant.

Panama is a disease affecting banana plants, is resistant to pesticide and affects their ability to produce fruit.

After Queensland Biosecurity took samples from a property in the Tully Valley, positive results for the disease have been returned.

The potentially devastating disease was previously found on a Queensland banana plant I  March 2015.

Biosecurity Queensland Chief Biosecurity Officer, Dr Jim Thompson said a range of diagnostic tests still need to be completed and a conclusive positive result cannot be given until then.

“The suite of tests will take up to 4-6 weeks to complete,” Dr Thompson said.

“The property owners are working with Biosecurity Queensland to control and contain any disease and mitigate the risk of further spread. They’re exceptionally proactive and already have strict on-farm biosecurity measures in place on their property,” he said.

“The property owners are erecting exclusion fencing around the area to minimise the potential risk of disease spread while diagnostic testing is completed,” Dr Thompson said.

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