Aldi to phase caged-eggs out by 2025

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 30th May 2016

EggAldi Australia is phasing out cage-eggs by 2025 not-long after a 14-year-old girl gathered 100, 000 signatures to lobby the supermarket to go cage-free.

Melbourne teenager, Angelina Popovski, started the petition online in March 2016 claiming caged-eggs were a “out-dated practice”.

“I’m a high school student and ever since I got to know my Grandma’s chickens and learned how hens are smart and full of personality, I can’t bear the thought of hens in these disturbing cages,” she said.

The petition quickly gained 20, 000 signatures before eventually reaching 100, 000. The school student’s petition was also supported by angry customers complaining on Aldi’s Facebook page and Animals Australia who started their own campaign in support.

Aldi last week said it was going cage-free because of its “strong obligation to its customers, supplies and the wider community to deliver great value products responsibly.”

Not everyone happy with 2025 deadline

Popovski responded to the decision by thanking her supporters but some protesters were not satisfied with Aldi’s 2025 deadline.

Responding to further online complaints, Aldi said it needed the time as there is currently limited infrastructure to support a cage-free only industry.

Aldi also said in its media release announcing the news that it wants to effectively manage the transition.

“Aldi believes the best outcome will be achieved for everyone when the transition is done co-operatively and collaboratively with the industry, customers and other relevant parties,” said an Aldi Australia spokesperson.

Aldi Germany and Aldi US have both previous made commitments to go free range. Both Coles and Woolworths have made previous commitments to go-cage free in the future.