Aldi says independent testing confirms its tap is safe

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 26th July 2017

Aldi Australia says its tap accused of possibly causing lead poisoning is safe for use after independent testing was conducted.

In early July 2017, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission issued a warning about the ‘Spiral Spring Mixer Tap’ sold in Aldi’s 10 June 2017 Special Buys, saying its testing found the tap may cause lead poisoning in water.

Aldi Australia Chief Executive Officer, Tom Daunt, said he was alarmed by the claims suggesting the tap may contaminate water and Aldi immediately began investigating the matter.

“Our teams have worked tirelessly with authorities and independent testing laboratories to confirm that the tests conducted prior to sale were accurate, and the product is safe,” Daunt said.

“We are disappointed that so many Aldi customers were provided information that generated such unnecessary concern and inconvenience.”

“The Queensland Building and Construction Commission’s prematurely published statements were based on tests that were not conducted in accordance with the Australian Standard.”

Australian Food News contacted the Queensland Building and Construction Commission for comment but did not receive one prior to publication of this article.


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