Peters and Arnott’s partner for new ice cream range

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 26th July 2017

Peters Ice Cream and Arnott’s have partnered to launch a new ice cream line.

The ice creams will feature a range of Arnott’s classic biscuits including Wagon Wheels, Mint Slice, Iced VoVo and Caramel Crowns.

In a joint announcement, the two brands said Arnott’s worked on transferring the flavour of the biscuit to the ice creams, while Peters perfected the flavour into a quality frozen product.

Arnott’s Marketing Manager, Claire Kesby-Smith, said although it may seem simple to join the two foods together, their biggest challenge was to make sure the flavours were true to the biscuit.

“When you taste the products in the range, you’re transported to eating your favourite biscuit and can’t help but smile!’’ Kesby-Smith said.

Peters Head of Marketing, Alicia Munday, said she hopes the ice creams with bring back childhood memories of eating Arnott’s biscuits.

‘’Eating these products feels very nostalgic. It takes you back to your childhood,” she said.


The entire range is as follows:

Wagon Wheels – An ice cream sandwich consisting of biscuit, marshmallow, jam and chocolate.

Mint Slice – An ice cream sandwich made of biscuit, mint flavoured ice cream covered in chocolate.

Iced VoVo – An ice cream tub with biscuit, coconut flavour and raspberry syrup.

Caramel Crowns – An ice cream tub with caramel flavoured ice cream, caramel sauce and chocolate covered biscuit pieces.


Ice cream collaboration trend

It is not the first time Peters has joined forces with another brand to launch a new ice cream line.

In May 2016, Peters launched a new range with Nestle featuring different lollies and chocolates, including Smarties, Fruit Tingles and Fantales.

Peters is also not the only brand in Australia collaborating with another to create ice creams. In recent years, Bulla and Baileys have launched a new line and Darrell Lea and Streets have teamed up.


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