Bulla and Baileys join to create liqueur ice creams

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 7th September 2015

BaileysBulla Dairy and Diageo’s Baileys have joined in partnership to produce a liqueur ice cream range for Australian and New Zealand supermarkets.


The Baileys flavoured ice cream will come in three flavours; original, burnt toffee and chocolate. The range will be available in 500ml tubs and 50ml mini sticks sold in multipacks.


Bulla has described the ice creams as an adults-only offering which captures the Baileys irish cream flavour.


The ice creams contain alcohol but less than 0.5 per cent. A consumer would have to eat around 50 of the 500ml tubs to digest the equivalent of one standard drink.


As the alcohol is below one per cent, Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) does not require the packaging to declare the alcoholic contents. Bulla and Baileys have however decided to still include the alcohol content on the labelling.


Baileys is owned by Diageo which has a stable of liquor brands including Smirnoff, Johnny Walker and Captain Morgan.


According to Nielsen figures reported in Retail World’s December 2014 annual report, Regal Cream, which operates under the Bulla Dairy name, has a 25.6 per cent share of the Australian ice cream grocery market.


The Baileys Ice cream range is now available in Australian supermarkets with a recommended retail price of $7.49 for the 500ml tubs and $7.99 for the mini ice cream stick multi-packs.