Woolworths “outraged” by customer double charge incident

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 9th August 2017

Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci says Woolworths is outraged about a financial service provider processing error that caused some customers to be charge twice this week.

On Sunday 6 August 2017, an error occurred at Cuscal, which processes payments for banks and financial card providers. As a result, some Woolworths transactions that occurred between 11-13 March 2017 were processed again.

Woolworths did not know about the error until customers began contacting the company and asking why the money had been deducted from their accounts.

Yesterday, Chief Executive Officer of the Woolworths Group, Brad Banducci, said Woolworths was “outraged” on behalf of customers and that the incident raises important questions about the effectiveness of certain processes in the financial system.

“We don’t know which of our customers have been affected because the relevant encrypted data is held only by the financial services companies,” Banducci said.

Woolworths stated it is however responding to customers who contact them about being charged twice.

“It is not acceptable that our customers have been charged twice, causing them stress, inconvenience and, in some cases, financial hardship,” Banducci said.

“We want to know how this happened, and we are seeking firm commitments from the financial services providers responsible to ensure that this can never happen again.”

Cuscal apologises for incident

Cuscal released a statement apologising for the incident.

“We’re sorry for the ongoing stress and difficulties this is causing people and would like to be clear that this is a Cuscal error – there is no fault with Woolworths,” Cuscal wrote.

Casual said that all incorrect transactions should have been corrected Tuesday afternoon 8 August 2017.

“We will work with our financial institution clients to make sure that nobody is out of pocket due to incorrect charges or transactions arising directly from this incident. People should wait for the charges to be reversed or talk to their financial institution with any immediate financial problems,” Casual said.


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