Feel Free to Create Tasty Food with Vegan L-Cysteine

Brought to you by WACKER on 15th August 2017

Increasingly more people are reducing or even avoiding meat in favour of healthier and more ethically sound alternatives. However, many of the flavour enhancers used are produced from human or animal sources and are therefore not acceptable to vegans or vegetarians. WACKER has developed the perfect solution: vegan L-cysteine based on starch fermentation. 

First Vegetarian and even Vegan L-Cycsteine 

WACKER’s L-cysteine is the first vegan L-cysteine based on starch fermentation and therefore free from hair and feathers. In food applications, L-cysteine is ideal for producing savoury flavours that provide a rich taste.

High Quality 

L-cysteine from WACKER is plant-derived, kosher, halal and TSE/BSE-safe. It conforms to all important food and pharmaceutical quality standards.


For more information please visit www.wacker.com/food